Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Welcome to the identity crisis: Choosing a voice on a medium without sound....

So, this will be my first post.  Let's see how far this goes...

We all experiment in life with ideas or purposes, causes.  Heck...I've even done it on a job interview or two.  On a whim, I made it through to a fourth...yes, fourth interview with a company to become a business developer with them.  Speaking with the CEO of a company...of any size...when most of your correspondence to a CEO is imaginary letters and monologues to the audience in your showerspace or on your toilet becomes the most nerve wracking thing in existence.

Because it's actually happening.  It's this moment...and all you can do is be yourself...and improvise the rest.  That's it.  Be yourself, and then fake it 'til you make it. And that almost got me a job.

Humbling as that is, standing naked on a limb in front of friends or the internet is not easy and deserves a moment of pause.  Because you have to consider who you are about to become:

- The know-it-all whose opinion is more right than anyone else?
- The curmudgeon that people loathe to agree with but occasionally laugh at?
- The troll that doesn't care and pontificates idiocy as such?
- The seeker of truth whose overwhelming quest is humility at the risk of sounding like they have a biased opinion?
- The jock, the nerd, the loser....wait...this isn't The Breakfast Club....

The internet is full of so many many topics of conversation.  It makes a person wonder, am I going to be unique?  Will I be able to compete with the pretty people who are watched merely because they have an awesome profile picture and a witty thing to say?  Is my flavor of contribution going to be sweet to the worlds savory or vice-versa...or worse yet...the strain that spoils the whole batch?

Well...there is only one way to find out...try.  So subscribe and check out other posts.  When I write them...which may be soon.

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